K9 Bed Bug Busters provides an affordable and timely detection service for Hotels, Motels, Large and Small Office Complexes, Apartment Complexes, Rental Furniture Centers, RV Rentals, Movie Theaters, Nursing and Long Term Care Facilities, Hospitals, Shelters, Dormitories, Real Estate / Property Managers and Private Residences.

Infested Hotel?Proactive, Early Detection is the single most important thing you can do to prevent a bedbug infestation. K9 Bed Bug Busters is the best Early Detection option available. Our K9 teams can detect the smallest invasion as little as a single adult bed bug or viable eggs, before it can become a major infestation. The earlier you detect the problem the more time and money you will save treating the problem. Visual Inspections performed by trained pest control professionals take several hours to complete with a success rate of 17%-30%. Our K9 teams can perform inspections (sweeps) within minutes with a success rate of 97% saving you time and money. Some studies have shown that the majority of people bitten by bed bugs have no reaction to the bite so the infestation goes undetected until the bed bugs are out of control.

Reactive, Targeted Detection is the ability of our K9 teams to accurately target any suspected bedbug activity. Targeting detection can pinpoint the activity area which helps to reduce the amount of time and money needed to treat the infested area.

Post-Treatment Detection is to determine if a treatment has been successful or if the bed bugs may have relocated beyond the treated area. Post-Treatment inspections can usually be preformed 4-6 weeks after treatment has been completed, hours after a heat/steam treatment.. Our K9 will only detect live bed bugs and viable eggs, leaving you with peace of mind..

The New Standard in Certified Bed Bug Alert Free Hotels and Properties

Certified Bed Bug Alert Free is the standard that hotel guests will be looking for to ensure they don't experience the nightmare of encountering bed bugs and bringing them back to their homes. Certified Bed Bug Alert Free announces that you have taken every possible precaution to ensure that your property is free from these elusive pests. In turn, this could limit your liability in the event of a lawsuit.

How do you get Certified Bed Bug Alert Free?
We will customize an inspection program for your property - monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. Once your property is inspected and alerted areas are treated, followed by a post treatment inspection to confirm alert free status. We will issue a framed certificate indicating your Alert Free status. This can be displayed to show your guests and residents that your facility meets the highest standard in bed bug alert free properties.