About Us

K9 Bed Bug Busters is an independent, family owned canine scent detection company dedicated to providing the newest and most effective weapon for the early detection of bed bugs to combat the growing epidemic in the Midwest America. Our proactive canine bed bug inspections are designed to detect bedbug infestations before they become a physical and financial nightmare.

Our K9 teams are Certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) and highly trained in the field of canine scent detection at the most prestigious canine scent detection academy in America (J&K Canine Academy). Since we do not offer remediation services we are independent unbiased partners in bed bug eradication. The K9 Bed Bug Busters Inspectors understand that having bedbugs in your place of business is about as unnerving a problem a company can have. Losses of revenue, law suits, damage to your brand and STRESS are just a few of the problems a business may face when they realize they have bed bug activity.

Available 7 days a week to perform canine bed bug inspections, which will be accompanied by an Inspection Report detailing our findings.

Are Your Facilities Bed Bug Free?